Insulation Installation

What is Blown In Insulation?

A good solution to cut down heating bills is to use loose fill insulation that can be blown into the walls. If they are well insulated, the house and the attic will not lose heat to the outside. Because it is an easy process, you can decide to install the blown in insulation by yourself or to ask the help of a professional contractor.

Equipment for Blown In Insulation Installation

For installing blown in insulation, several tools and materials are required and they are easy to find in specialized shops. The shopping list must include loose-fill insulation material, expanding foam sealers, paint and dry wall compound. Also, the tools needed for the operation include an insulation blower, a hole saw drill bit, a stud finder, a drill, a step ladder, a wide putty knife, a bread knife and a tape measure.

Installing Blown In Insulation

Installing blown in insulation requires several steps. First, find the right spots to make holes in the walls by using a stud finder. Attention is needed during drilling, though, as electrical wiring passes the walls near the floor. Make the holes using a hole saw, keeping in mind to make them a little bigger than the nozzle of the insulation blower. Once the holes in the walls are finished, it is time to fill them. This step is done using the insulation blower and the loose fill insulation material. After all the holes are full, they are covered with expanding foam for sealing. There is a waiting time for the foam to dry, but, after that, the job is almost finished. The exceeding foam that forms outside the holes must be removed with a bread knife. After that, all that remains to be done is to cover the walls with dry wall compound and paint.

Precautions for Blown In Insulation

As mentioned before, extra care is required during drilling the holes as there are wires and pipes in the walls, especially in the kitchen and the basement. Also, blown in insulation must not be installed near heating appliances or chimneys as the materials used are inflammable. On the walls insulated with this method, it is recommended to use a paint that absorbs moisture.

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